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  • Broadband Ad-Hoc Network Frequency-hopping Communication System

    Broadband Ad-Hoc Network Frequency-hopping Communication System

    The System adopts advanced multicarrier modulation (OFDM), smart antenna grouping (MIMO) and self-organizing wireless MESH network (AD HOC/MESH) technology, including handheld, airborne and vehicle MimoMesh broadband ad-hoc network frequency hopping radio. It can build no-center, self-organizing, adaptive, self-healing dynamic routing/automatic relay communication MESH networks, and it is the point to point, point to many, and many to many integrated communications business of high-performance solution. Broadband Ad-Hoc network frequency-hopping radio can realize real-time HD video of more than 50 km, multi-channel serial data, two-way intercom voice and broadband Ethernet connection in the case of complex applications such as fast moving, blocking non-line-of-sight and environmental interference.

  • New Energy Automotive Simulation Testing Solution

    New Energy Automotive Simulation Testing Solution

    In the development of new energy automotive, it usually costs a lot of time, manpower and material resources, with large investment and long R&D period, to make overall design, overall performance analysis and control strategy of powertrain related controller and controller development. The application of HIL simulation technology provided by Zeobercom can quickly establish the model of the system, evaluate the performance of the vehicle and optimize the parameters of each part. In the solution, parts of the actual controlled objects are replaced by simulation models running in real time on a high-speed computer, which also connected with the target controller to form a system to test and verify the functions of the control system. Our solution not only solves the problem that traditional offline simulation is too simple and ideal for simulating real conditions, but also reduces the time and labor cost.

  • Anti UAV Counter Drone Defense System Solution

    Anti UAV Counter Drone Defense System Solution

    he Anti-UAV Defense System is a set of low altitude defense control system for UAV, which realizes full time, full coverage and whole process prevention and control management of sensitive airspace. The system is composed of searching system, photoelectric tracking system, radio frequency interference system and displaying & controlling system. Through the combination of active detection means of radar and passive detection means of radio monitoring equipment, the system realizes the real-time detection and discovery of long-distance UAV, obtains the high-precision positioning information of UAV target, and then realizes the confirmation, identification, locking, tracking and forensics of the target through the linkage intervention of photoelectric equipment. After the suspicious UAV is confirmed, the jamming device can automatically or manually handle the suspicious UAV quickly and effectively.

  • Beidou Navigation System Solution

    Beidou Navigation System Solution

    As chemicals are dangerous, any traffic accident or leakage accident may result in fatal car crash, fire, explosion, corrosion, poisoning and other serious disasters, polluting environment and endangering public security, and life and property of the masses. Once such accident happens, it is hard for relevant departments to handle it in time. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a system which can monitor and schedule in real time and manage the moving targets uniformly.

  • Beidou Time Service Clock System Solutions

    Beidou Time Service Clock System Solutions

    As one of the important components of rail transit, the clock system mainly provides unified standard time information for subway passengers and staff, and provides standard time to other systems. The clock system is set to ensure accurate timing of rail transit operation, and it plays an important role in improving the quality of operational services.

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