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1. The industry's first 10km low power UAV detection radar. Low radiation, no harm to human body
2. It can detect a minimum target size of 0.035㎡.
3. Distinguish drones, helicopter, birds, hot air balloons, gliders, paragliders Kongming lanterns, etc.
4. Low power remote detection, accurate three-coordinate positioning
5.10km detection peak power 8w, suitable for urban and other complex environments
6. High detection accuracy, able to identify hovering targets (0.1m/s)
7. Accurately detect the target's S - shaped flight track
8. Efficient target image identification, accurate tracking of complex background
9. Independently set the scan range, high flexibility(Circular scan, sector scan, gaze)
10. Rapid response to the demand, technical indicators independently controllable
11. Intelligent unattended, the whole process of automatic disposal
12. All-weather and all-hour work makes it safer
13. Various core parameters can be customized

drone detection radar

Radar Functions

●Sector/cycle scan detection according to control area

●Detect the target's range, bearing, altitude, speed, and flight direction

●Acquire the target signal effectively, filter interference target

●Real-time display of working status and scanning area

●The electronic map shows the target's flight track and position in real time

●Multiple target detection, single target lock tracking

●Filter area whitelist and blacklist

●Fast switching scanning task, accurate guidance of photoelectric, interference and other equipment

●Radar photoelectric data fusion, high precision positioning

Playback of radar detection history information. Preserve evidence of drone invasion

●Equipment self-check, abnormal report

●Standard interfaces and protocols for secondary development components

uav detection radar

Radar Description

ZY-JKFZ-TDS004 UAV Radar is a low-power detection Radar developed for "low, slow and small" targets. It is used for remote detection and detection of sensitive airspace, providing accurate three-dimensional position information of the target, and achieving full coverage of the surveillance area of 360°.

The UAV detection radar is a special coded continuous wave system, mechanical scanning three-coordinate radar, with low transmission power, high detection resolution, long operating distance, strong anti-interference ability, good portability and other characteristics, suitable for all-weather, all-day, complex electromagnetic environment and geographical conditions, can work continuously and steadily 7*24 hours.


Radar Parameters






Target IdentifyLight/ultralight aircraft, helicopter, uav, glider, paraglider, rotorcraft, hot air balloon, airship, birds,etc.
Detection Range(RCS:0.01 ㎡)4km; 7km; 10km
Working frequency bandKu
Azimuth coverage (horizontal)0~360°
Pitching coverage (vertical)-30~70°(Customizable)
Detection target velocity0.1~90m/s
Min. Detecting Distance50m


 Power consumption


Power supply


Peak power




Working Temperature-30℃~+65℃
Storage Temperature




Protection Level IP66

≥8000 hours


≤1 hour

Heat dissipation modeAir cooling
Other protection

Lightning protection; Real-time working status monitoring


Radar System
Communication protocolTCP/IP
External data interface

network interface



Milk white(Customizable)





PackageFlight case


uav radar  drone detection radaruav detection radaruav radar  

Package & Delivery

drone detection radar  uav detection radar  uav radar

Project Cases

18th China Chengdu world police conference 

drone detection radar  uav detection radar

Beijing Daxing International Airport

uav radar  drone detection radar


uav detection radar   uav radar  drone detection radar  uav detection radar  uav radar  drone detection radaruav detection radaruav radar

drone detection radar

uav detection radar

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