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mpc755 processor

  • MPC755 Computer Card

    MPC755 Computer Card

    1.CFL, partial discrete I/O interface 2.32K×8Bit Integrated L1cache, instruction and data cache 32K×8Bit each 3.60X bus led out from internal bus interface unit, and devices with 60X bus can be connected externally 4.CPU adopts high performance low power PowerPC architecture processor MPC755, and maximum frequency up to 400MHz 5.64-bit data bus, 32-bit address bus, physical addressing range of 4GByte, support single and double precision floating point operations 6.Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC) priority can be set, interrupt source can be shielded and trigger mode can be selected 7.Unmaskable Interrupt (NMI) is used for watchdog monitor failure and 28V power failure

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