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drone detection radar

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    UAV Radar

    UAV Radar

    1. The industry's first 10km low power UAV detection radar. Low radiation, no harm to human body 2. It can detect a minimum target size of 0.035㎡. 3. Distinguish drones, helicopter, birds, hot air balloons, gliders, paragliders Kongming lanterns, etc. 4. Low power remote detection, accurate three-coordinate positioning 5.10km detection peak power 8w, suitable for urban and other complex environments 6. High detection accuracy, able to identify hovering targets (0.1m/s) 7. Accurately detect the target's S - shaped flight track 8. Efficient target image identification, accurate tracking of complex background 9. Independently set the scan range, high flexibility(Circular scan, sector scan, gaze) 10. Rapid response to the demand, technical indicators independently controllable 11. Intelligent unattended, the whole process of automatic disposal 12. All-weather and all-hour work makes it safer 13. Various core parameters can be customized

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