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drone defense

  • Navigation Decoy Device

    Navigation Decoy Device

    1.User position, time information, and ephemeris parameters can be input externally, and the virtual satellite board calculates and outputs the corresponding GPS/GLONASS/Beidou signals according to the input information. 2.It can simulate circular motion, linear motion, uniform motion, variable speed motion, uniform motion, variable speed motion, curve motion, heading, etc. 3.Support clock tame and high precision clock output. 4.Support ftp to download GPS/GLONASS/Beidou ephemeris online, support local collection of real-time ephemeris, support offline calculation and load ephemeris, and realize automatic star-changing function according to the cutoff angle. 5.Output RF signal power is adjustable(0-80dB), step 0.25dB, maximum reactive power output power is -20dBm. 6.Provide modular power amplifier design solutions to support subsequent replacement of higher power amplifiers to support longer effective distances. 7.Support adjustable channel delay. 8.Automatic shielding of co-channel interference. 9.All parameters support custom interface docking.

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  • Portable Jammer

    Portable Jammer

    ●For anti-UAV, forced landing and drive mode are adopted ●Target at the designated position ●Manual \ automatic adjustment of strike frequency band and power ●Flexible customized interference mode, automatic start and stop ●The electronic map shows the working status and strike area in real time ●Guided by UAV radar, UAV Radio Monitoring Equipment, Optoelectronic Device and other equipment ●Equipment self-check, abnormal report ●Standard interfaces and protocols for secondary development components

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  • Portable Reconnaissance and Strike Integrated System

    Portable Reconnaissance and Strike Integrated System

    ●Distinguish friends from foes, position the pilot and take over the hostile UAV. ●Independently developed hardware, support 70M~6GHz, passive detection, broadband, high sensitivity radio reception. ●Flexible software, unattended support, multiple sets network, anyone accessed can be automatically configured. ●Algorithms based on artificial intelligence, big data and threat models further support the detection of unknown UAVs.

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  • Fixed Reconnaissance Strike Integrated System

    Fixed Reconnaissance Strike Integrated System

    ●Automatic real-time passive detection ●No dead Angle, zero interference detection. It has no effect on the surrounding environment such as wifi, bluetooth and aircraft ●Early warning, accurate identification ●Identification of friend and foe ●Identification of the only electronic fingerprint of the same brand and model of UAV ●Reconnaissance distance 9km/5km/3km;Strike distance 3km/2km

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