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counter drone systems

  • Counter UAV System

    Counter UAV System

    ●Information can be pushed to the third party system ●Customized design and development of requirements ●Form a permission management system based on the roles, users, modules, data, operations, permissions of the mutual combination ●Keep relevant data records (UAV invasion time, dynamic trajectory, user operation, etc.) ●Provide a basis for decision through the multi-dimensional, multi-display data statistical analysis ●Low power remote detection, accurate three-coordinate positioning, efficient target image identification, accurate tracking of complex background ●Multi-dimensional precision strike, reduce the associated interference ●Optoelectronic Device, UAV Radar, UAV Radio Monitoring Equipment linkage work. Identified immediately once discovered, and disposed immediately once identified. Intelligent unattended operation, automatic disposal of the whole process ●Preserve the evidence of invasion and harassment for later proof ●Generate and present the comprehensive situation, and access the threats ●All-weather and all-hour work makes it safer. ●Rapid response to market demand, technical indicators independently controllable

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