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Frequency source, a kind of signal generating equipment in microwave communication, is widely used in radar, communication, electronic countermeasure, remote sensing and telemetry and electronic instrument fields, which mainly includes fixed frequency oscillator(single frequency oscillating source) and microwave frequency synthesizer. The fixed frequency oscillator uses phase-locked loop technology to obtain output signals with high stability and low phase noise, which is widely used as local oscillators in communication systems and radar systems, including VCO phase-locked single frequency source, DRO phase-locked point frequency source and so on.
We supply broadband covered frequency synthesizer products with a variety of frequency solutions which have prominent characteristics as low phase noise and small volume. High quality 1Hz stepped signals are available in a variety of standard models for different applications. These products are widely used in a variety of local comprehensive applications, from the mobile communications, broadcasting, to satellite oscillators. Especially multiple frequency band solutions make these products applied much more widely.

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