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  • Ruggedized Smart Multiple Function Display

    Ruggedized Smart Multiple Function Display

    1.36 function custom keys, compatible with night vision
    2.Support VAPS XT graphical interface development
    3.Support PIP (Picture in Picture)
    4.Support Alpha or ColorKey overlay
    5.1-channel single-end VGA and 1-channel differential VGA outputs are provided
    6.CPU is powered by Freescale MPC 7447A high performance POWERPC processor, with a maximum main frequency of 1GHz
    7.Graphics processor is ATI Mobility Radeon 9000, which supports 2D/3D graphics acceleration and OpenGL 1.3 graphics standard interface
    8.2-channel differential VGA and 2-channel differential STANAG3350B/PAL video input. The video superposition processing module realized by FPGA supports superposition of one of the four input signals onto the local graphics
    9.Complete BIT state detection circuit, supporting brightness, temperature, voltage and current detection, can monitor the video input and output signal status and the working status of the main functional modules on the board, low temperature automatic temperature control, support automatic brightness adjustment

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