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The microwave transceiver module is mainly used for frequency conversion in receiving and transmitting channels, which adopts modular design with integration of a large number of microwave and radio frequency device (components). It has convenient interface form, high reliability, and is easy to use and maintain, and it can directly be constituted into transceiver equipment together with the antenna and signal processing unit. Its frequency coverage range is from 0.01 GHz to16 GHz.
After years of development and accumulation of engineering experience, we have formed a series of products in typical application fields, on the basis of which the same kind of products can be secondary developed and delivered to users as quickly as possible. According to the different use backgrounds, the series of products include: telemetry transceiver series, data link terminal series, radar transceiver front-end series, integrated boards series. There are two kinds of working system: sending and receiving time-sharing and simultaneousness.

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