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Data acquisition (DAQ) refers to the process in which sensors and other devices automatically collect non-electric or electric signals in analog and digital tested units and send them to upper computer for analysis, processing, display and other operations, and it is the foundation of the test and measurement system. Data acquisition system is a flexible and user-defined test system realized by the combination of the hardware and software products of test and measurement based on computer. The task of data acquisition system is that the sensor acquires useful information from the object under test and transforms the output signal into digital signal which the computer can distinguish, then sends the converted signal into host computer to process and obtains the needed data. At the same, the calculated data will be displayed, stored or printed, so as to realize the monitoring of physical quantities, and one portion of the data will also be used by the computer control system in the production process to control some physical quantities. With the fast development of computer technology, data acquisition has been changed greatly. Since the quantity of bus compatible data acquisition plug-in boards is getting bigger and bigger, as well as the quantity of data acquisition systems compatible with PC is also increasing, data acquisition has stepped into a new era.
Data acquisition system, which based on computer or other professional test platform, is the most important part of data acquisition system. In order to meet users’ requirements of different industrial measurements, ADC function module, DAC function module, DIO function module, multi-function module, switch function module and count function module we researched and developed with excellent compatibility is suitable for various system configurations. Besides above products, we also provide customized data acquisition products to meet different requirements of users.
●ADC Function Module
●DAC Function Module
●Multifunctional Module
●DIO Function Module
●Switch Function Module
●Counter Function Module
●High-end Functional Module

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