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Information exchange is an essential part of tests and measurement. The uploading of test data, the issuing of control instructions, the data summary of distributed nodes, data monitoring and processing, diagnosis and monitoring are all inseparable from the exchange of information.
With the continuous development of modern test and control and the continuous increasing requirements for communication interconnection in industrial tests and control systems, many methods of information exchange arose according to the volume of data and distance of data transmission, so users can select different information exchange technology and communication ways according to their own requirements.
We have various range of communication interface modules, including MIL-STD-1553B bus interface module, ARINC429 bus interface module, serial interface module, CAN bus interface module and so on. MIL-STD-1553B bus interface module can be matched with single-channel, double-channel and 4-channel, and each channel supports double-redundancy; ARINC429 bus interface module can be chosen with module configurations of 2 receiving 2 sending, 4 receiving 4 sending, 8 receiving 8 sending, and 16 receiving 16 sending and so on to meet different requirements of input and output interfaces; Serial port interface module can be chosen with both isolated and non-isolated modules of 4-channel, 8-channel and 24-channel; CAN bus interface module can be fitted with module configuration of 2-channel/20-channel and support CAN2.0A/B. Besides above products, we also provide customized communication products to meet users’ different requirements. The design and production evaluation of various modules we provided which can be widely used in all kinds of test and control systems and communication systems are carried out strictly in accordance with national standards, industrial standards and the communication protocol specifications.
Bus Interface Modules:
● MIL-STD-1553B Bus Interface Module
● ARINC429 Bus Interface Module
● Serial Interface Module
● CAN Bus Interface Module

  • 8 Receving And 8 Sending ARINC429 Bus Interface Module

    8 Receving And 8 Sending ARINC429 Bus Interface Module

    ● 8 channels of sending, 8 channels of reception
    ● Receive and add current system time
    ● Timing transmission and data can be updated at any time
    ● Receive labeled filtering and interrupt receiving
    ● The baud rate can be set to 10K, 12.5K, 48K, 50K, 100K, 150K
    ● FIFO reset function of sending and receiving, set to receive enable signal
    ● Send FIFO including 511x32BIT , and receive FIFO including (1M-1) ×32BIT
    ● Standard ARINC429 data format, receiving and sending can be set separately

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  • PCIe FC Switch

    PCIe FC Switch

    1.Power supply, clock and reset circuit
    2.I2C interface circuit realizes the configuration function of each switching chip
    3.PCIe switching circuit 1 is cascaded by two PEX8648 chips, providing PCIe switching capacity of 13 ports externally
    4.PCIe switching circuit 2 is cascaded by one PEX8648 chip, providing PCIe switching capacity of 5 ports externally
    5.SRIO switching circuit consists of a CPS1848 chip, providing the SRIO switching capacity of 8 Port externally

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  • ARINC818 Input/Output Card

    ARINC818 Input/Output Card

    1.Support ARINC818-2 protocol
    2.VESA standard video format
    3.DVI displays the standard interface
    4.Dynamic switching of video resolution
    5.Video and control commands are mixed and transmitted in parallel
    6.1 channel point - to - point ARINC818 input interface
    7.1 channel point - to - point ARINC818 output interface

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  • FC Switch

    FC Switch

    1.Unimpeded switching, frame priority scheduling
    2.Port online and offline detection, level 2 priority
    3.Support buffer - buffer credit management, static routing configuration management
    4.At least 22 data exchange ports
    5.Support FC-FS, FC-PI-4, FC-SW-3 protocol
    6.Support SYNx, SYNy, SYNz clock synchronization, unicast, multicast, broadcast
    7.Support network management function based on ELS frame
    8.Statistics are reported for each port message transfer
    9.24 port full duplex, unimpeded data exchange
    10.Support power-on builtin test(PBIT), cycle builtin test(CBIT), initiate builtin test(IBIT)
    11.2 monitoring ports are provided to support input monitoring and message monitoring of specified ports
    12.In 22 ports, equal frame mode and FullMesh mode, the bandwidth utilization of each communication port is no less than 98% of the line rate

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  • FC Communication Card

    FC Communication Card

    1.DMA transfer
    2.Power on reset signal
    3.FC-AE-ASM Protocol
    4.Message, block data transfer
    5.Emergency message interrupt notification
    6.High and low priority
    7.Point-to-point, switched topology network structure
    8.Network management based on ELS frames
    9.Publication and acquisition of calendar clocks
    10.Health information and statistical information reporting
    11.Support 2 LC ports, support FC port redundancy
    12.FC primitives SYNx, SYNy, SYNz clock synchronization
    13.Urgent messages, cycle messages, event messages, data block message types send and receive scheduling

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  • 1394B Communication Card

    1394B Communication Card

    1.Support flight contro/avionics mode
    2.Channel number can be set
    3.Support a mixed pattern cycle and event messages
    4.Support CC, RN, BM working mode
    5.Support eal-time modification of STOF packages and messages
    6.IEEE-1394b physical layer, support S100b/S200b/S400b
    7.Fully realize AS5643 and work autonomously in all modes
    8.100ns48 bit time label, accuracy 100ns
    9.Query or interrupt driven
    10.Real-time monitoring of bus data
    11.Programmable STOF migration, support for message small migration
    12.Flexible interrupt support, receive message filtering
    13.Bus reset interface, support root setting
    14.Port transfer bit error rate <10

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  • 2 Channel CAN Bus Interface Module

    2 Channel CAN Bus Interface Module

    ● 2-channel CAN bus communication
    ● Max baud rate: 1Mbps
    ● CAN2.0A/B agreement supported
    ● Optional terminal resistance
    ● 16-channel bidirectional TTL electric level digital I/O

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  • 8 Channel Serial Interface Module

    8 Channel Serial Interface Module

    ● 8-channel receiving and 8-channel sending
    ● The baud rate can be programmed and maximum up to 2Mbps
    ● Stop bit and check bit can be programmed
    ● Interface way of RS232/422/485can be programmed

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  • 1553B Dual Channel Multifunction 1M Function Interface Board

    1553B Dual Channel Multifunction 1M Function Interface Board

    ● Dual channel multifunction MIL-STD-1553B bus interface module
    ● Dual redundant channel data transmission and reception
    ● Full-function terminal, BC/RT/BM
    ● Time scale: 32-bit Resolution: 1μs
    ● Data transmission rate: 1Mbps
    ● Software can be set with response timeout: 0~ 32768μs
    ● Large-capacity data storage: 32M×16bit

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