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Zeobercom Escort! Beijing Daxing International Airport Successful First Flight!

uav strike

Beijing Daxing International Airport, as a major landmark project in the capital, is a new power source for China's development. Since its construction in 2014, it has attracted worldwide attention. On May 13, 2019, Daxing International Airport began test flights, which will be an important nodal task before the industry acceptance of Daxing International Airport.


In this milestone moment for the people of the country, in order to ensure the safe and smooth test flight of Beijing Daxing International Airport, Zeobercom was invited to provide low-altitude airspace security for Daxing International Airport with the anti-UAV Defense System.

 uav surveillance

Radar and Optoelectronic Device in Daxing International Airport

 uav control system

Installing the equipment

 uav strike

The system was deployed in the early hours of the flight test


During the flight test of several aircraft at Beijing Daxing International Airport on May 13, Zeobercom Anti-UAV Defense System provided reliable guarantee for the low-altitude security of the airport clearance area with its excellent and stable performance.

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